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It’s not on the local news yet, radio’s didn’t invite us for a chat and we didn’t see any journalists yet requesting an interview … still we’re quite proud to announce that our Dutch Tech45 Podcast has been awarded an European Podcast Award in the category Non Profit for Belgium and The Netherlands !!!

Our European Podcast Award

Our European Podcast Award

Halfway february the Dolby Theatre was being prepared for our arrival, and recently we’ve been flown over to a luxurious 5 star hotel in Cannes. Long stretches of red carpet were rolled out and the spotlights were adjusted in order to get the whole Tech45 team in the picture. The assembled world press was preparing to catch a glimp of the team …

Ok … I’m exaggerating … our European Podcast Award simply got delivered to my home in a little town called Ertvelde in Belgium. You probably don’t know Ertvelde, but if you do … you probably know Eddy Wally (a.k.a. The Voice of Europe) is pretty jealous about our award 🙂

Anyway … for us … this European Podcast award is something we’re quite please with and very proud about. And yes … I’ll be shouting it from every rooftop and telling it to everyone who wants or even doesn’t want to hear about it …

I have been a podcaster for at least 8 years by now, most of my podcasting has been in Dutch for now. About 4 years ago Maarten Hendrickx asked me if I would be interested in creating a Dutch Tech oriented podcast … he didn’t have to ask me twice and that’s how we started with our Tech45 Podcast. Our goal was to record a podcast every week and try to bring all the Tech-, Gadget and Web news of the previous week in a 45 minute session (hence the name). Since there were plenty of English podcasts available on that matter, we quickly decided ours would be for a local audience and in Dutch.

The European Podcast Award in  my

The European Podcast Award in my “Podcast Studio”

Meanwhile we’ve been recording our Podcast for almost 4 years with a panel consisting of people from Belgium and The Netherlands. On a regular basis we try to get a guest on the show as well, especially when we’re covering specific topics and we thing an expert on the matter would be a nice addition to the show. We’re not doing it because we want to be famous, not because we thing we’re important, and certainly not because we want to get rich from Podcasting. No … we’re doing it because we like it and we love getting together at a virtual roundtable to record a podcast and share our personal opinions with our audience (although we wouldn’t say no to fame, glory and bucket loads of cash of course … muhahahah).

About two years ago I submitted our Tech45 podcast as a candidate for an European Podcast Award. Sadly … we seemed to always end up being third. We did notice our audience sticked with us though, and it even grew a bit … and this year we did get an award !!! In the category Non Profit we won an award for Belgium and The Netherlands this year, and on the European level we ended up being number 8 in the overal rankings which is pretty nice (coplete Ranking for Europa and Rankings for The Netherlands & Belgium). And yes … we’re very proud of that … or did I mention that already ?

I’ve been trying to find a good spot to put the award so everyone who comes into my Podcast Studio (my office at home) can see and admire it. The Award looks pretty nice. I tried to shoot some pictures of the award, but the pictures only show half the beauty of the award itself. The award is made of glass and it has the European Podcast Award logo engraved inside. It ins’t simply a flat logo engraved on top of the glass, but it kinda looks like a 3D shape inside the glass.

The European Podcast Award and the Olympus DM-3 Digital Voice Recorder prize !!!

The European Podcast Award and the Olympus DM-3 Digital Voice Recorder Prize !!!

Together with the actual award we also received a nice prize. Since the people at Olympus are one of the big sponsors of the European Podcast Award, they send us an Olympus DM-3 Digital Voice Recorder together with the award. I will be putting it to good use and who knows I might even use it to interview someone at a next press event or something.

I did receive the award here at home, but the Tech45 Podcast ins’t something I’m doing on my own … so in true Hollywood Style I would like to thank a few people … so here we go …

The award is a reward for all the hard work the whole Tech45 team puts into recording the podcast and putting it online, and the first words of thanks go to that team : Our host Maarten, our panel members Cindy, Marco, Jan, Davy, Toon, Floris, Jojanneke. And of course our guests, everyone who left a comment on our website, facebook, twitter and in the iTunes Music Store. The people from the PR offices here in Belgium and the Netherlands who invited us to the different press events and product launches and even supply us with some test devices. And of course the companies who produce those awesome tech products and gadgets, the developers who write all the software and create the many web tools … without all of you we wouldn’t have anything to talk about every week.

But of course we won this award because of our listeners, our audience and the ordinary people … without you guys we wouldn’t have an audience and certainly we wouldn’t have gotten an European Podcast Award !

As I mentioned I took some pictures of the award, but they only look half as nice as the award itself, but if you want … you can also have a look in the Flickr set I created :

Our European Podcast AwardA box via mail … no idea what's in itOoh … I think it's something from the guys at the European Podcast AwardsAn Olympus DM-3 Voice recorderA letter to the Tech45 TeamAnd here is the European Podcast Award for Tech45
The European Podcast Award looks awesomePictures of our European Podcast Award only show half of it's beauty ...Our European Podcast AwardThe European Podcast Award and our Olympus Digital Voice Recorder prize !!!The European Podcast Award and our Olympus Digital Voice Recorder prize !!!Trying to find a Suitable sport for our European Podcast Award
Trying to find a Suitable sport for our European Podcast AwardThe European Podcast Award in my 'Podcast Studio'The European Podcast Award in my 'Podcast Studio'The European Podcast Award in my 'Podcast Studio'The European Podcast Award in my 'Podcast Studio'The European Podcast Award in my 'Podcast Studio'
The European Podcast Award in my 'Podcast Studio'

Onze European Podcast Award, a set on Flickr.

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