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On August 16, 2011, in Photography, by Stefaan Lesage

Ah … holidays … the perfect time to do some reading and experiment a little in order to improve my photography skills. This year … I actually did both at the same time …

One of my personal  hobbies is Photography … I don’t consider myself anywhere near the Professional guys … but the shots I take (compared to those I took 4 years ago) look a lot better. Still … there is room for improvement. So I bought a few eBooks hoping I could learn a thing or two about photography.

eBooks from the folks at Craft and Vision

I heard quite a lot of good things about David duChemin, read a few things on his blog and am following him on Twitter, and I even heard a few interviews with him in the This Week in Photo podcast. And that’s how I heard about his other website called Craft and Vision.

Craft and Vision is a website where David and some photographers publish eBooks related to photography. The eBooks are also available in an iPad app, and they are of very good quality, yet at an affordable price.


Right before we left on our holidays to Croatia I bought the eBook Ten. The eBook contains ‘Ten Ways To Improve Your Craft’ and ‘None of Them Involves Buying Gear’. This made me quite curious and I started reading the eBook on the plane.

I have to say … the eBook was awesome. It contains about 30 pages of great information with the 10 tips mentioned in the title, and 10 corresponding Creative Exercises. It also includes some great images which show you exactly what he meant with every tip.

Putting the tips to good use

Our hotel in Croatia was located near Cavtat in a small bay. It was actually a great spot to try out some things I had read in the eBook. I decided to go out every evening and take a few shots of the sunset in the bay.

The goal was to learn a few things, and experiment with the tips in the eBook. Every day I went back and tried something different: another lens, a different angle, better framing, add some contrast in the picture, try to capture the light, …

In the end I even experimented with different apertures in the same location to see what the impact would be on the pictures, and even climbed a few small rocks to get a better angle on the bay.

All in all, it was the best eBook I’ve bought so far, and all that for 5 US $ … yes, you read it right … 5 us $ or just about 3.5 € for a great source of information.

My best Shots

When I got back home, I had about 300 sunset shots, and after some filtering I ended up with about 20 of my personal favorites. I uploaded those images to my Flick account, and you can find them right here. They might not be as good as Sunset shots by professional photographers, but they surely are the best sunset shots I ever took, and I’m quite proud of them 🙂 Feel free to leave comments and suggestions on those images, or right here.

I really loved the eBook and learned a lot from it. It was such great Value for Money, and once I got back home I immediately bought the follow up Ten More ebook (and a few more eBooks from the Craft and Vision website)

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